PANDA Initiatives

Empowering Lives


To have sustainable community with empowered people who contributes to their development.


To promote sustainable economic development programs at the local level and empower communities to improve their lives infinitely.

Background History

PANDA Initiatives

Is a locally registered non-governmental, non-partisan community-based organization. It is a youth lead organization which was founded in response to support the alarming deficiencies of sustainable development goals in Tanzania. PANDA Initiative was originally registered under the name: Organization for Capitalizing Community Resources and Initiatives (OCCRI) and late changed its name to respond to beneficiaries requests. It focuses on sustainable economic development projects at the local level to empower communities to improve their lives infinitely. The Organization was registered in 2018 with Registration No. 00NGO/00009975. Its headquarter is located at ...

Our Partners

We collaborate with other Organizations such as.

Our Core Values

Basically our Organization shall be.


To provide access to early childhood development, health, life skills and livelihood skills for youth and women.


Staff and Volunteers of the organization are expected to offer better, ethical and personified core-value to targeted group.


It is essential for our organization to be seen displaying respect to those whom we serve, we work with and we partner.


We value the synergy brought about by team work. We seek to broaden our collaborations across sectors as a means of enhance efficacy of our work and core-value.


We value diversity as a spice of life. We proactively seek to ensure that gender disparities do not place children, youth and women at risk within our organization.

Organization Members

Rehema Sanga

Founder & Executive Director

Jesca Kimoso

Co-founder & Communication and Parnership Manager

Rachel Joseph

Youth Programs Instructor